What to Bring

For: Individual Tax Return

Individual Tax Returns

  • Group certificates/PAYG Payment summaries
  • ETP Group certificates/Payment summaries
  • Pensions & ComSuper Group certificates/Payment summaries
  • Social Security & Centrelink Group certificates/Payment summaries
  • Any interest earned
  • Dividend statements
  • Private Health Insurance statement & details
  • Rental income & expense details
  • Capital Gain/Loss details e.g.. Share & property sales/purchases
  • Trust Distribution tax statements
  • Partnership income & expense details
  • Business income & expense details
  • Foreign income
  • Other income details
  • Travel expenses e.g.. Airline/bus tickets related to work travel
  • Motor Vehicle expenses e.g.. kms traveled and engine size, log book if applicable
  • Dry-cleaning or laundry costs associated with protective clothing/uniforms
  • Replacement of protective clothing/uniforms
  • Self-Education costs
  • Union dues
  • Other work related expenses including home office, computers, mobiles etc.
  • Donations
  • Investment expenses including borrowing costs, interest on loans, FID & investment advice fees
  • Accounting fees & travel expenses associated with preparation of your tax return
  • Medical expenses (if more than $1500)
  • Medicare Levy exemption details
  • Income Protection insurance
  • Family Tax payments, Part A &/or B
  • Number of dependents and their dates of birth
  • Spouse’s income details
For: Business Tax Returns
Superannuation Funds