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What is an SMSF fund? What does it cover? How does it work?

To begin with, the term is self-descriptive. It talks about a " Self-Managed Super Fund"In Australia, different employers keep aside a fixed amount of money, which is deducted from the employee’s pay, known as ' superannuation'. This money is handed over to the employee when they retire, so that they can live comfortably and strive for a better future ahead.

Thus, to get the maximum benefit out of your superannuation, these funds are set in motion to meet your needs. The 'members' involved in this structure are made up of a collective group of people who are perceived as the 'trustees' of that fund. If an SMSF is supposed to work, there is a maximum need of four members, i.e., these ‘four' trustees. Also, no member should be an employee.

With an experienced guiding team like ours, in Armando Cirillo and Co., and with well-managed accounting systems, we make sure that you reach the maximum potential possible. With a lethal combination of quality knowledge and up-to-date technology, we guide you with the strategies and plans to reach sky-high. We take charge of your responsibilities and well-being by-

  • Preparing for tax
  • Administering the setup
  • Withdrawals and commutations
  • Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements
  • Allocating the assets, if any
  • Helping you get death benefit payments
  • Being less risky when it comes to improving balances and so on.

As a team, we have been growing for years with the promise of delivering the finest of services. We strive for this belief. We understand the trustees' financial profiles by managing and ameliorating them thoroughly. This understanding helps us select the right types of investments for you. With our aim to deliver growth and gratification, we help you manage your future aspects by taking a keen interest in solving your issues. We also make sure to check the records twice before jumping to conclusions so that the outcome remains error-free.


It is a flat-pack approach to keep your money managed after you're retired. As Australians are more into keeping up with their funds, investments and businesses, they want to maintain a standard check on how, why and where their superannuation money is being used. With a foolproof understanding of where to work, they choose their workplaces according to the amount of superannuation offered by the company or employer.

We help them choose better options for a better fund return. The flexibility in every kind of investment creates ways to lead the SMSF trustees to better tax return benefits. We will be your tax agents, preparing the tax returns concerning your SMSF and sending them across to you for foolproof confirmation.

While you're trying to find your way, let us show you the way that leads to innumerable gains that are in store for you. At Armando Cirillo and Co., we focus on providing the best investment techniques and strategies, concentrating on increasing your wealth by variegation of different kinds of investments and asset allocations.

Carve out a future niche for yourself by allowing us to assist and manage your fund. Reach out to our team today, speak to our specialists, and map out your SMSF funds and retirementjudiciously!